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Focus on Earnings

We believe it is clear that central bank rates will rise.  Either all the money central banks printed, purchased, and manufactured went into the economy or it did not.  Like most things, it is probably somewhere in between.  Did the money inflate asset prices or just... read more

Gatekeepers – Don’t forget 60/40

As financial professionals we are all gatekeepers.  What eventually gets through each gate depends on each gatekeeper.  When you were taught the 8P’s of manager due diligence (some of you by me) for your CIMA, the P’s are not equal for all gates.  We all need to do a... read more

Use Passive Actively II

Passive investments used actively, efficiently manages the big rocks first.  Putting smaller rocks first takes up resources (more space).  Putting the big rocks first, then pouring the small rocks over the big rocks to fill the spaces between the big rocks creates an... read more

Use Passive Actively

The Rate of Return of Asset Allocators, Strategists, and Portfolio Managers include both passive and active. One way to look at this is passive is the benchmark, and active is what is different from the benchmark. Technology will continue to increase productivity of... read more

65% Stock/35% Bonds vs. Alternative Investments: Why?

65/35 has been hard to beat relative risk/reward For long term investors, a 65/35 allocation has produced no negative return since 1990 for a rolling 7 or 10 year period. With maximum gain of 14.09% (7 year) and 11.93% (10 years) Median gain of 5.66% (7 year) and 6.74... read more

Active Management not dead, just changing

By:  Carl Choy, CKW Financial Group Active management today is much like yesterday. The hope is to outperform the benchmark, net of fees.  Hoping clients will now understand all of the statistics and then buy something they don’t understand is hoping for too much.  Or... read more

A Trump Stock Market up 30% is possible

The simple answer is a Trump Tax cut.  If US corporate tax rates are reduced from 35% to 15%, a company with $10 pretax earning will go from $6.50 to $8.40 in after tax earnings.  If earnings rise 30% and P/Es remain the same, the Market should be up 30% on a Trump... read more

Dow Jones 25,000

On May 26, 1896, Charles Dow and Edward Jones took 12 companies that represented the largest in each sector of the United States stock market. The first published value of the Dow Jones was 40.94, which was calculated by taking the average market price for these 12... read more

$18 Trillion… 100% Financing Wanted…

By: Carl Choy, CKW Financial Group- For what you ask?  Pay off the U.S. debt?  No, that is a topic I prefer not to touch on, until later.  No, $18 trillion is approximately all that is needed to buy the S&P 500 in its entirety, which will entitle you to keep all... read more

Lower for Longer

By: Carl Choy, CKW Financial Group- The statement “Lower for Longer” made by the Head of the Federal Reserve Bank is good for the United States of America Consumer. What is Lower for longer?  How low?  How long?  Is it Interest rates, the rate of inflation, the price... read more
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