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Investing Is Art

We humans looking for an investment job need to remember: the computer is quicker, faster, and cheaper at math than we will ever be. Understanding math and using the math to invest the way science proved works is still not art because AI can remember and recognize... read more

What a client wants

The benchmark is the benchmark. We sold it, had the client immortalize it in writing (IPS) and put a spotlight on it at every quarterly meeting (performance report).  The benchmark is now something to beat (relative, absolute, or adjusted).  The benchmarks humble... read more

Active vs Passive is part of asset allocation

Our industry sets standards of due diligence, research, analysis, education, and other criteria to manage parts of a portfolio.  Do the people and organizations picking the parts add value to the whole?  Is it manager selection or asset allocation? Every active or... read more

Parts will be parts.

When the parts don’t fit, you get lousy performance.  Porsche magazine, with the latest and greatest new parts, get people enthusiastic about making changes for better performance.  Porsche is the best at putting together amazing cars from their parts bin. We believe... read more

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,   All we want for Christmas is benchmark understanding.  Educating clients that managers need higher returns than the benchmark; firing managers because of drift and looking different from the benchmark; and having too many asset classes is not the... read more

Oops – Forgot Rate of Return!

A Nobel Prize was awarded to the theory that the best Rate of Return for an increment of risk is a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds. An investor is only an owner (stocks) and/or a lender (bonds). An illiquid, less diversified, and more expensive alternative... read more

Future of Asset Allocation

If Asset Allocation has a future, the question is: What assets are in the AA decision?  CKW believes the combination of stocks and bonds provide good, hard to beat, risk-adjusted returns over time.  Buying stocks makes the buyer an owner and buying bonds makes the... read more

Focus on Earnings

We believe it is clear that central bank rates will rise.  Either all the money central banks printed, purchased, and manufactured went into the economy or it did not.  Like most things, it is probably somewhere in between.  Did the money inflate asset prices or just... read more

Gatekeepers – Don’t forget 60/40

As financial professionals we are all gatekeepers.  What eventually gets through each gate depends on each gatekeeper.  When you were taught the 8P’s of manager due diligence (some of you by me) for your CIMA, the P’s are not equal for all gates.  We all need to do a... read more
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